5/13 Mythic Kilrogg dead!

by Trudyn, 52 days ago

After dancing around visions like a line dancing crew, we managed to come in and kill this guy right here. #Straightouttavisions #todaywasagooddidntevenhavetousemygat Good job guys onto fat bastard now.

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4/13 Mythic Hellfire Council down!

by Trudyn, 56 days ago

It died! We had fun! Making our way downtown! Walking fast, Faces pass, And I'm home bound! Staring blankly ahead, Just making my way, Making a way, Through the crowd!

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3/13 Mythic Kromrok down!

by Trudyn, 64 days ago

Getting groped by hands was no fun. Easy boss is easy not really much to say. Council next!

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2/13 Mythic Reaver down!

by Trudyn, 66 days ago

We killed things and we're having fun. Kormrok is ded!

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13/13H 1/13M down! Back at it!

by Trudyn, 73 days ago

So we came in and things died. Killing things is good! We're having fun yada yada. See you at reaver.

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Group Therapy is recruiting EVERYTHING for HFC progression!!

by Trudyn, 79 days ago

No we didn't go anywhere, Yes we are still here, No nothing is wrong with my medulla oblongata, Yes we are recruiting everything as Gul'dan suggests. We are still sponsored by WANGs Chinese restaurant and Dicks sporting goods. UMM UMM good. Looking for exceptional players to push mythic progression with . Details later at 11!!!! Also here's our former glory. I leave you with garrosh!

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9/10M Dismantled the Furnace! Better late than never!

by Trudyn, 108 days ago

Well what can I say we came in and dismantled furnace. Pulling out a kill when so many other guilds are falling apart. Congrats to all that participated in the kill. It's a bit bittersweet to end the tier 9/10M but once again surviving where most guilds have fell apart. Looking to bolster the roster and hit HFC hard.

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by Trudyn, 168 days ago

So many things can be said about this kill. All the iron maidens puns like run to the hills or we are troopers. Maybe this boss was the number of the beast. Maybe now we are running free or will we be quick or be damned. No matter how you put it the boss is dead. Big shout out to all those who made it possible. Onward to Black furnace I mean blast furnace.



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